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Release of Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA 1.7

Compatible with NVDA 2021.1

Added voices in Colibri: Louise (French Canada) , Hanna and Hanus (Faroese) ,Biera and Elle (Sami)

Added voices in HQ: Merel & Thijs (Dutch), Hanna & Hanus (Faroese), Louise (Canadian French), Elise & Valentin (French), Jonas & Lea (German), (Elias & Emilie (Norwegian), Isabel (Portuguese), Filip & Freja (Swedish)

Removed voices in HQ: Celia (Portuguese)

Say Bonjour to our French voices!

The Acapela for NVDA family has just got bigger!

Today we have added 7 new French voices to Acapela for NVDA. Also, for each French voice there is also a Belgian French variant, speaking numbers and other expressions in the Belgian way.

The seven French voices have different styles and personalities, download them, test them and discover which voice is the right one for you:

Download center for Acapela TTS for NVDA

With the addition of French voices, the Acapela for NVDA voice and language portfolio has grown up to 18 languages and 80 voices (65 High-Quality voices and 25 Colibri voices).

We also added the French localization to the interface, so our French friends will be able to get a complete French experience.

Current users with a license for Acapela TTS will also be able to enjoy the new voices with no additional cost and without need to do any change to the license, just download and update the engine, the colibri package and download the French voices.


Acapela for NVDA v1.4 is here!

Today we released the new version 1.4 of the Acapela TTS for NVDA add-on. This version brings to the NVDA add-on the latest improvements for all voices, including improvements in both sound and pronunciation for each voice.

In version v1.4 we also say hello to a new Scottish English voice named Rhona, available both as Colibri and High-Quality version.

We also extend our portfolio of Colibri voices by adding a colibri version of the Australian English voice Lisa, and the American Spanish voice Rodrigo.

After the latest additions, we can proudly announce that the Acapela TTS for NVDA add-on now provides 52 high-quality voices and 23 colibri voices.

If you already have a version of the Acapela TTS for NVDA plug-in, you can just remove the older version of engine and voices, and then download and install the new version via the NVDA “Manage add-ons” menu.

License is not affected by the update, so no action at all is required, the new version of the add-on will find and use the existing license.

Acapela NVDA v1.3 with Arabic and Turkish voices

We are proud to release v1.3 of Acapela for NVDA, now including also Arabic and Turkish voices. Download this version of the software now!

For Arabic, we have also added a new command in the Acapela for NVDA menu to allow configuration of automatic switching between Arabic and non-Arabic voices depending on the text being read.

Users with earlier version of Acapela for NVDA can upgrade for free by simply downloading the new version.

Acapela for NVDA 1.2.1

Today we released Acapela TTS for NVDA v1.2.1

This new version solves an issue where the Acapela TTS for NVDA in same case would crash instead of providing an error message in case the evaluation version had expired.

Acapela for NVDA v1.2 is here!

Today we have published version 1.2 of Acapela for NVDA introducing localization of Acapela for NVDA messages and menus in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. We also added several voices including genuine children voices and character voices:

  • Australian English children voices Liam and Olivia
  • UK English children voices Harry and Rosie, plus character voice “Queen Elizabeth”
  • US English children voices Ella, Josh, Emilia and Valerio, teenage voice Scott, character voices Saul, Micah, “Little Creature” and “Old Man”. We also added High-Quality voice Laura.
  • US Spanish children voices Emilia and Valeria.

The children voices Emilia and Valeria are bilingual voices available both in US English and US Spanish.

The upgrade to v1.2 is a free upgrade, so users having a license for previous versions can upgrade to v1.2 for free by just downloading the new version of the engine.

For a complete list of available downloads refer to the download page.

A special thanks to Pedro, Simone, Wojtek, Mireia, Santi, Alexander and Juan for helping us with localization!

Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA v1.1 now released

Today we released Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA.
First we want to thank all users who helped us with beta testing, we are very grateful for the feedback that allowed us to fix some issue like for instance the correct management of settings via the ring commands, and correct usage of output device.
You can now download v1.1 of Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA in the download page, and then you can purchase a license in the buy page.

The product interface is still only available in English, localized versions will appear soon.

For any question or feedback, please contact us.