languages & voices for Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA

Languages in Basic & Premium License

Arabic, Catalan, Greek, English (US, UK, Australian, Scottish and Indian), Italian, Polish,  Portuguese: (Portuguese & Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Spanish & North American), Turkish.

Basic License includes 23 colibri voices in 16 languages:

  • Arabic: Leila (Female)
  • Arabic-English automatic bilingual voice: Nizar (Male)
  • Catalan: Laia (Female)
  • Greek: Dimitris (Male)
  • English (Australian): Lisa (Female)
  • English (Australian): Tyler (Male)
  • English (Indian): Deepa (Female)
  • English (Scottish): Rhona (Female)
  • English (UK): Peter (Male)
  • English (UK): Rachel (Female)
  • English (US): Sharon (Female)
  • English (US): Ryan (Male)
  • Italian: Vittorio (Male)
  • Italian: Fabiana (Female)
  • Polish: Ania (Female)
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Celia (Female)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Marcia (Female)
  • Russian: Alyona (Female)
  • Spanish: Antonio (Male)
  • Spanish: Ines (Female)
  • Spanish (US): Rosa (Female)
  • Spanish (US): Rodrigo (Male)
  • Turkish: Ipek (Female)

Premium license includes 23 colibri voices and 52 high-quality voices in 16 languages. The list of voices includes all voices of the Basic License in both Colibri and High Quality versions, plus the voice listed here below, only available as High Quality version:

  • Arabic: Mehdi (Male)
  • Arabic: Salma (Female)
  • English (Australian): Olivia (Child Girl)
  • English (Australian): Liam (Child Boy)
  • English (UK): Graham (Male)
  • English (UK): Lucy (Female)
  • English (UK): “Queen Elizabeth” (Female impersonating voice)
  • English (UK): Rosie (Child Girl)
  • English (UK): Harry (Child Boy)
  • English (US): Karen (Female)
  • English (US): Tracy (Female)
  • English (US): Laura (Female)
  • English (US): Micah (Male with southern accent)
  • English (US): “Little Creature” (Male comic character voice)
  • English (US): “Old Man” (Male character voice)
  • English (US): Saul (Male R’n’B voice)
  • English (US): Ella (Child Girl)
  • English (US): Josh (Child Boy)
  • English (US): Valeria (Child Girl)
  • English (US): Emilio (Child Boy)
  • English (US): Scott (Teenage Boy)
  • English (US): Will (Male)
  • English (US): Rod (Male)
  • Polish: Monika (Female)
  • Spanish: Maria (Female)
  • Spanish (US): Rodrigo (Male)
  • Spanish (US): Valeria (Child Girl)
  • Spanish (US): Emilio (Child Boy)
  • Turkish: Ipek (Female)

Please note that the voices Valeria and Emilio are bilingual voices, so the same voice is available in both US English and US Spanish